iDLE Kindle
Finally found my kindle

It has been misplaced a month. While I had been scouring the two places I sleep and my car, it was actually on the dining room table.

etsy sighcographics airship absinthe

Matt & Mike Chapman, homestar runner, Tandy 400 logo.

Fedora on top (with paper hackjob), Windows on the bottom. Not shown, 3 other computers I’ve bought.

topatoco 3panelsoul pixel cthulhu. The weird color on my tv actually happened (normally blue). Came from trying to turn off dvd player while it connected.

interbrand, thomson reuters 2008 company logo.

etsy, wwwthisandthatgr, monsta

band camp hero; flickr, ladyf1ng3r5, bass hero. as with the others the background is way dark., normalized comparison of computer programming language popularity.

deviantart, asheep123, carnival [1].

threadless. buko. why so serious?